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Character Building


On our way to the parks every day, we passed the Lego Store in Downtown Disney. I miss the R2-D2 and Darth Vader sculptures they used to have, but the new ones are pretty fun too. They seem to have shifted focus from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings. (Tower of Orthnac, anyone? Only $199.99.)

The interior is a bit too sparse and cold for me now, like an Apple Store or the set of a Kubrick film. I liked the crazy jumble that it was before, with a giant giraffe supporting it all like a yellow-and-brown spotted chimney.

One of the funny things about the life-sized characters they build for the store is that they’re not human replicas. They’re giant Lego characters. You’re not standing next to Ian McKellen’s Gandalf; that’s Lego Gandalf at your side. But fantasy creatures like Aladdin’s Genie look like their regular selves—which made for a disproportionate photo-op with Beast and his Lego Beauty.

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