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I write.

I cook. Especially desserts and crockpots.

I watch a lot of movies and waterfowl. Not at the same time.

I usually have three books going at once: paper, Kindle, and audio.

I am obsessed with Disneyland.

Sometimes I sew.

About once a year, I manage to get a few of my orchids to bloom.

If you enjoy similar things, great. If not, you won’t find much to do here. That’s OK. The world has too many blogs already.

How often will I post? Once or twice a week. It depends on what’s happing and how busy I am.

I can be reached at:

mary (at) kalincasey (dot) com

  1. jill abatemarco permalink

    I like it.

  2. This is nice and simple! Haha I’d love to go to disneyland for once:)

    • mkc permalink

      I highly recommend it. But then of course I would. :)

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